Design and Create your own Chocolate Bar

Taking the toy industry by storm the Chocolate Picture Maker is a tasty, exciting way of keeping kids entertained for hours on end.

StandAvailable in a variety of flavours including milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate this unique toy allows children to express their creative flair designing and creating their own chocolate bars.

Creating their favourite characters, handwriting a personal message or using the stencils provided Chocolate Picture Maker is perfect for creating personalised gifts.

100% Belgian Chocolate, there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and it’s suitable for vegetarians.

The beauty of it all is its easiness! Simply melt the chocolate packs in a bowl of hot tap water and begin the chocolaty fun! The various flavours and colours can be used to create effective designs and enhance the sweet taste of the chocolate, which of course is the thing everyone will be most interested in!

Once the kids have finished designing their chocolate bars, place the trays in the fridge and leave them to stand. The chocolate used has been designed to set quickly meaning kids won’t be waiting around for too long to enjoy their chocolate treats.

Chocolate Picture Maker is available in a variety of packs varying in size and editions. From wildlife to symbols there’s something for everybody.

So there you go, a simple, tasty way of keeping kids entertained, for more information on our range of Chocolate Picture Maker sets then feel free to give us a call  01254 770444